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1.8 meters coiled cable and mounting nut for long extension Low power consumption Hold/Max/Min/Ave functions Build-in low battery indicator Smart Auto-Power-Off (10 minutes) RS-232C Interface with PC Optional Thermal Printer 300XP Air temperature measurement  

We sell pitot tube complete sets and also pitot tubes only. Mostly in stock now.

Category: Clamp meters

Analysis for Single Phase and Balanced 3 phase system True RMS Value (V and I) Active Power (K,KW,MW,GW) Apparent (VA,KVA,MVA) and Reactive Power (VAR,KVAR,MVAR) Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle( Φ ) Energy (WH,KWH,KVARH,PFH) Programmable PT(1 to 3000)Ratios Display of Overlapped Voltage and Current Waveform Maximum Demand (MD in W,KW,MW) with programmable Period Harmonic Analysis (V and I) to 50th Order Display of 25 Harmonics in one screen Optical Isolated RS-232C Interface Smart Datalogging to save Battery

Category: Clamp meters

Super High Resolution DC 1mA, AC 0.1mA One Touch Zero for DCA True RMS    

Maximum test current of 10A (60 mΩ) Best resolution of 1μΩ, (accuracy 0.05%) Measures resistive and inductive materials Selection of 6 Current ranges - Manual or Auto Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with memory of 20 readings Auto-display of: • Hi (readings higher than Hi-Limit)• Lo (readings lower than Lo-Limit)• Pass (readings between Hi-Limit and Lo-Limit) Memory of 3000 sets of data Measure cable length in metric and imperial units Cummunicate with PC via USB or RS232C Rechargeable batteries and AC Adapto

PRO0030 BASE UNIT POWER AND HARMONICS ANALYZER WITH 3 x 1000A CLAMPS Optional: PRO0041- 3 x 3000A Flexible Clamps Optional: PRO0038- 3 x 100A Clamps

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