Lutron Conductivity Probe - YK-200PCD

Category: Intelligent Series

* Conductivity probe ( YK-200PCD ) connect with YK-2001PH will become a professional Conductivity Meter.
* Innovative feature with built-in automatic temperature compensation values adjustable between 0 to 5.0% per ℃.
* Selecting "0% per ℃" of Temp. Coefficient Adjust, allows you to take uncompensated conductivity readings.
* Wide automatic temperature compensation range from 0 ℃ to 50 ℃.
* Carbon rod electrode for long life.
* Microprocessor circuit.
* Dual LCD display, show both conductivity & temp. values.
* Records Maximum and Minimum readings with RECALL facilities.
* Data hold function.
* Auto shut off prolongs battery life.
* RS 232 PC serial interface.
* The portable conductivity meter provides fast, accurate readings, with digital readability and the convenience of a remote probe.
* Wide applications: water conditioning, aquariums, beverage, fish hatcheries, food processing, photography, laboratory, paper industry, plating industry, quality control, school & college, water conditioning.


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