Humidity meters (Hygrometers)


Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Water vapor is the gas phase of water and is invisible.[1] Humidity indicates the likelihood of precipitation, dew, or fog. Higher humidity reduces the effectiveness of sweating in cooling the body by reducing the rate of evaporation of moisture from the skin. This effect is calculated in a heat index table, used during summer weather.

There are three main measurements of humidity: absolute, relative and specific. Absolute humidity is the water content of air.[2] Relative humidity, expressed as a percent, measures the current absolute humidity relative to the maximum for that temperature. Specific humidity is a ratio of the water vapor content of the mixture to the total air content on a mass basis.



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Feature: -Provide temperature and humidity display with Dry,Wet,Comfort Indication -Monitor Max,Min temp./humidity reading -With water-proof external outdoor temperature sensor

Therma-Hygrometer simultaneously displays both the humidity and temperature in addition toindicating and recording the maximum and minimum readings. It includes colour-coded zones fordry, comfort and wet, making it very easy to read.The instrument measures temperature over the range of 0 to 50 °C and humidity over the range of10 to 99 %rh.This therma-hygrometer is ideal for monitoring both temperature and humidity in rooms, offices,factories and similar to ensure optimum working conditions are maintained.The unit is housed in an ABS case, measuring 20 x 100 x 110 mm, that incorporates a usefulfoldaway stand and a keyhole slot for hanging on a wall.*Without external sensorspecification temperature humidityrange 0 to 50 °C 10 to 99%rhresolution 0.1°C /°F 1%rhaccuracy ±1°C ±5%rhbattery 2 x 1.5 volt AAAbattery life 10000 hoursdisplay dual custom LCDdimensions 20 x 100 x 110mmweight 150 grams