Lan Cable Tester

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Test a wide range of UTP cables such as 10Base T , 100Base Tx , 10Base 2 (Coax), 356A , TIA-568A , TIA-568B, etc. Can tests for wiring faults such as open, short , reversed , crossed and split wires. Can identify up to 4 different cables at one end by provided remote identifiers. Double digital 14-segment LED and 4 pair LEDs clearly display the fault status. Provided over voltage (max.56V) protection to prevent damage frommiss connecting to live circuit of networking. Simple and effective use. Auto power off

Tests : UTP. FTP. Coax cables, two, three, or four wire pairs in twisted pair cables and test all category UTP cables and hardware. Verify end-to-end connectivity per EIA/TIA 568 wiring standard. Detects wiring problems : Opens, Shorts, miswires (Crossed, Reversed, Split pair). Locates wiring/connection errors (distance to the open or shout) Measures cable length Easy to use only : One button to select the test and two lines characters LCD display. Low battery, Auto power off, long battery life (60 hours continuous)