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Category: PH Tester

pH, mV, Conductivity, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity, Concentration and Temperature measurement functions. 0.001pH, 0.1mV, 0.001µS/cm, 0.001mg/L and 0.1°C / °F Resolution. Programmable Temperature Coefficient for conductivity measurement. Auto / Manual Temperature Compensation for pH and conductivity measurement. Practical Salinity in the Range of 0 to 42.0, in accordance with UNESCO data measurement. Dual display with temperature Simultaneously. Easy & Fast to operate. Ideal for most water application. Available cell constant of K=0.1, K=1.0 and K=10. 99 sets manual data memory and read function. 2250 sets auto datalogging capacity. USB interface. Indication of pH Electrode status.

Category: PH Tester

Fast and Easy pH measurement Dual LCD display shows PH/℃& ℉ or mV/ ℃&℉ simultaneously Logging 99 readings