Power Clamp Meter

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3 f 4W, 3 f 3W, 3 f Balanced, 1 f 2W, and 1 f 3W Power Measurement. AC+DC true power, and True RMS AC Voltage and Current AC+DC 2000A, AC 600V, DC 800V AC+DC 1200KW(1 f ), AC+DC 2000KW (3 f ) Dual Display V+Hz, A+Hz, W+PF, KVA+KVAR, V+A Phase Angle Measurement 3 f RST(L1L2L3) Sequence Indication. Memory of 4 records. DCA/DCW Auto Zero when power clamp powering on. AC/DC Auto Detection. Auto range.

PF( 3 Φ 3W , 3 Φ 4W 1Φ 2W ) AC+DC 2000A, 600V Power Factor AC+DC 1200KW(1 Φ ) AC+DC 200KW(3Φ ) AC/DC Auto Detection Dual Display V+Hz, A+V,KW+PF,KVA+KVAR

1 Φ 2W, 1 Φ 3W,3 Φ 3W,3 Φ 4W RS-232 interface to talk with PC 4 digits with dual display LCD Amp / Voltage f requency measurement Dual display KW+PF , KVA+PF , V+A 4000 continuity point data logger , 25 point manual data logger True power / apparent power / power factor measurement True RMS. V , A , W , cap , lnd , phase indicator MIN / MAX measurement Peak hold detector Dual display A+Hz , V+Hz EN61010-1 600V Installation CAT III Pollution Degree 2

HVAC Application: Check current draw in motors and compressors. Use MAX/MIN/Recording in the temperature mode to assess efficiency. Test run/start capacitors. Confirm low voltage control signals. Measure flame safeguard device current draw. Confirm power sources. Analyze temperature and voltage or current data with the aid of the time stamp. Insulation test up to 100M Ω. Electrical Application: Check for energized circuits and balance loads. 1 Φ /3 Φ (3P3W/3P4W)Power analyzer. Evaluate electrical contacts. Capture motor in-rush current readings. Determine peak power demand periods. Verify line voltage stability. Monitor motors and other loads for excess heat. Check motor run/start capacitor values.

3-3/4 Digital LCD, 4000 count, Autoranging. Trms KW, Current, Voltage measurement. AC Current 0.1A to 700A. Resistance and Continuity test. Data hold & MAX function. Pocket size. Auto Power off. IEC1010-1 CAT III 600V

Compact Size Trms KW measurement AC/DC Current Measurement (AC 600A/DC 600A) 600V AC & 600V DC, Ohm/Continuity Beeper 600 V AC & 600 V DC. Ohm/Continuity Beeper One Touch DCA Zero