Thermometer/Infrared Thermometer

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Isolated Input Protection of 350Vp-p between any two inputs. Highly accurate thermometer with thermocoupleK, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B, C types. 4 input function T1/T2/T3/T4 temperature display. Programmable Hi – Lo alarm for 4 inputs. Display of MAX, MIN, MAX–MIN and AVG values of 4 inputs. Independent Input Setup(type of thermocouple,Hi – Lo alarm values). Memory and Read function (99 sets) 512KB auto datalogging capacity(4 input:36000 sets /1 input: 100000 sets USB interface.

Max Hold Function Data Hold Function Aux output JACKS T1-T2 differential measurement

Type K. J. E. T. thermocouple input Dual channels with multi-functions (T1, T2 & T1-T2) Built-in thermo printer with programable time internal setting

K/J Type thermocouple input Auto ranging Maximum / Minimum reading Relative reading Multi-channels scanner (T1-->T2-->T1 - T2)

K/J Type thermocouple input Auto ranging Dual display LCD 8000 Record Data logging Capacity Maximum / Minimum / Average reading Relative reading RS-232 interface (software include)

Switchable Resolution 0.1° /1.0 ° Single/Dual Channels with Differential Measurements Data Hold Function

Type "K" Thermocouple Input Switchable Resolution 0.1° / 1° With℃& ℉ switching Max / MIN Function Data Hold Function Room Temperature Compensated T1 & T2 dual points display T1 - T2 differential measurement Flip-up stand Backlight LCD display

Highly accurate thermometer with thermocouple K, J, E, T, R, S, N type. Dual input function T1/T2 temperature display. (1314) Warning beeper with HI/LO setting. MAX/MIN with TIME, MAX–MIN AVG, HOLD function. ℃ / ℉ / K User-Selective. Back-Light LCD display.