Metal detectors

Metal Scanners/Locators

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CE Mark, 3 MultiZone, Detects ECAC threat objects,10 security Level, IR Pass Sensor On‐OffSelection, One way passenger counter.

Original from USA. 2-sided LED Lights. Please check with salesperson.

Specifications: Mirror:  · 30 * 30 cm Square high-intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror,  · convex-shaped two-fold amplification effect,  · as 1/2 weight as the an ordinary glass mirror of the same size,  · With certain toughness, not easy to break, safe and durable, t · The brightness is as the glass mirror. ·  PS at the bottom can effectively prevent damage to the mirror caused by the collision.  · minimum height: 10CM Grip: · T-type retractable rod.  · 170degree joint flip change designed to maximize probe depth into the vehicles and goods, lactose shrapnel, plastic ring pairs of the insurance position,  · Using high-quality aluminum structures and several high-intensity processing, light, strong and beautiful.  · Outdoor grill surface clean room paint handling, long-term use does not fade, no...