Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE)

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Semiconductor Package Board Testing System Utilizing Index Table Method The 1231-11 is an IC package board tester that features high-precision, large-pin capabilities for high-density, fine-pitch boards.

Super-High-Speed Testing System for Boards with Embedded Passive and Active Devices Utilizing the Index Table Method The 1236-11 is a bare board test system that harnesses Hioki’s populated board testing technology and includes support for next-generation boards with embedded passive and active devices. It features mass-production capabilities that uses test heads (test fixtures) to test fine pitch boards.

High-Precision Batch Fixture-Type Testing System that Support Boards with Embedded Passive and Active Devices The 1231-11 is a bare board tester that utilizes the full range of Hioki’s in-circuit testing technologies to deliver LSI reliability testing, complex component separation testing, high continuity and insulation testing, and more.

All-In-One Solution for Testing the Reliability of Connections on Printed Circuit Boards The 1230 is a bare board tester with the testing capabilities of an in-circuit tester, delivering highly consistent low-resistance measurements with high speed high precision.

100 Steps/Second Ultra-High Speed Board Pattern Inspection System The 1116 Series are high-speed substrate testers that use capacitance testing to greatly reduce the number of testing steps and time required compared to the continuity testing method. They support ordinary bare boards to high-density BGA, CSP, or MCM packages, as well as flexible boards. 1116-71 (Offline type) 1116-72 (Single-robot transport) 1116-73 (Offline, with 1945-21 and 1945-22) 1116-74 (Single-robot transport, with 1945-21 and 1945-22) 1116-75 (Double-robot transport, with 1945-21 and 1945-22) *1945-21: Coaxial Downward Illumination Unit for R arm *1945-22: Coaxial Downward Illumination Unit for L arm Testable board dimensions: 50 × 50 to 610 × 510 mm (*1116-75: to 280 × 510 mm)

Double-sided Board Tester with Maximum Measurement Speed of 0.012s/Step The 1270 and 1271 are fixtureless, dual-sided, bare board testers that provide superior cost performance. Using a total of four arms, two in front and two in back, it is capable of simultaneously testing both sides of an optional board, and is available with a4-terminal resistance measurement function that enables measurement of very small resistances in IVH or through holes. Testable board dimensions (1270): 50 × 50 to 400 × 330 mm Testable board dimensions (1271): 50 × 70 to 610 × 510 mm

Data Creation System Delivers 90% Faster Data Generation, 93% Lower Line Stoppage Times The UA1780 enables high-quality test programs in a short period of time by using net information that has been reverse-generated from Gerber data and component information libraries, and delivers maximum performance when used in conjunction with Hioki’s new FA1240-50 flying probe tester.

High Performance Populated Board Testing with Expansion Capabilities In populated board production settings where improving productivity is key, even small time losses are unacceptable. The 1220 series provide a single solution for jobs that previously required multiple measuring instruments, featuring a compact PCI bus that delivers a dramatic speed boost of 150%.