PAT Testing Kits

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Advanced dual voltage PAT testing kit SUPERNOVA ELITE - A COMPREHENSIVE, DUAL VOLTAGE PAT WITH FLASH TEST As well as flash and RCD trip time tests, the Supernova Elite also has full dual voltage capability. Seaward Part No: 323A910

Appliance and Socket Tester THE PRIMETEST 100, POWERFUL APPLIANCE AND SOCKET TESTING AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON With a free PAT Training DVD whilst stocks last. Includes full length demonstrations, an online exam and personalised certificate. Seaward Part No: 344A910

Basic Safety Checker CONNECT YOUR APPLIANCE, PICK YOUR TEST MODE, PUSH THE BUTTON. THE DISPLAY TELLS WHETHER IT HAS PASSED OR FAILED The Primetest 50 is tiny compared to the competition. Measuring only 26 x 10cm, it fits easily in the palm of your hand. Seaward Part No: 347A910